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AFI honors Sean Connery... [10 Jun 2006|04:02pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Came across this via MSN. Article is under a cut though small.

Enjoy! :D

Bond,Collapse )

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Finally, Some Sean News... [14 Mar 2006|10:43pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hallo. Just wanted to post these two news items. It seems Sean keeps out of the spot light. I nearly freaked when my mom told be he had surgery. Not to fear, he is fine but when the words Sean Connery and hospital were mentioned I nearly fainted.

Also, not sure if you all know this, he has his own website. Check it out. It's nice and he's just adorable. But you all knew that anyway. ;)


Sean Sues Country Club...Collapse )

Sean Recovers From Surgery...Collapse )


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At my wit's end! [07 Dec 2005|11:14am]

I've been trying to find a photo for my sister for months now with no success. Apparently, it was shown during an interview he did. It's in a magazine, US or People, something like that. Connery is quite young; he's in a swimsuit, competing in some sort of bodybuilding contest. I think the picture is B&W. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Sean Conney / James Bond Discussions [12 Oct 2005|05:42pm]

Hey, I was LJ searching for James Bond communities and ran across this one. I just wanted to say that if you want another place to discuss and join in on discussions about Sean Connery (mostly James Bond related) then there's the forums over on CommanderBond.net (there's a sub-forum that's all about Connery).

And just to give you something to look at if you're not interested in joining but want to see some pictures of a timeline etc... here's the Happy Birthday story CBn ran this last August.

Happy 75th Birthday Connery!

"Do I expect you to talk? No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to have a happy birthday!"

(I apologies if this post is inappropriate for this community please feel free to delete if need be)
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[05 Aug 2005|11:20am]

Sean Connery quits Hollywood
August 02, 2005

(BANG) - Sean Connery is quitting acting and says only a Mafia hitman would persuade him to change his mind.

The legendary 'James Bond' star says he is fed up with "the idiots" making movies in Hollywood.

The 74-year-old told the New Zealand Herald newspaper: "I'm fed up with the idiots... the ever-widening gap between people who know how to make movies, and those who green light them.

"I don't say they're all idiots - I'm just saying there is a lot of them. It would almost need a Mafia-like offer I couldn't refuse to do another movie."

Meanwhile, the actor, who commands around 10 million pounds a film, revealed he had pulled out of a lucrative autobiography deal because the publisher wanted to delve too deeply into his private life.

He claimed he didn't want to answer inaccuracies in the tell-all book.

The star said: "I realised I was going to be spending the rest of my life trying to correct these inaccuracies."
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Sean in Indy 4? [26 May 2005|02:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Has anyone heard of a confirmation of Sean being in the Indy 4 movie? I know it is rumored that he will be appearing in there but that's all i've heard.

Chelsey :D

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[05 Apr 2005|08:58pm]

It appears that Sean Connery has now pulled out of doing his autobiography.

It appears that he and the author he hired to help him had different images of what they wanted the book to be. We all know Sean, he's quite a stubborn man (what good Scotsman isnt) and wants to present the image of himself that he deems fit.

You can read the full artcile HERE.

Sorry I haven't been ontop of this community; my school schedule has been quite hectic (running back and forth between two schools a day) and I'm now starting my tattooing apprenticeship, but I will try my best! I encourage everyone to discuss mr. Connery at as much lengths as we can :)
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[26 Feb 2005|09:40pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Is it just me, or does my boyfriend bear a striking resemblence to Sean Connery here? O_o

....and oddly enough, his name is Sean.

....and he's named after Sean Connery.


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[25 Feb 2005|04:58pm]

Sorry to squash rumors,  but I found this cast list for the Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe movie. No Sean :(
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[25 Feb 2005|04:57pm]

I'm looking for a Sean Connery LJ icon. Anyone have any sources they recommend?
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I heard a rumor [16 Dec 2004|05:59pm]

This rumor....(keep in mind my husband told me this and sometimes I wonder where he gets his information from but anyway)....the rumor is that Sean Connery wants to retire and is therefore not going to be involved in the new Indiana Jones movie.

Now I know that as of right now their is no Indiana Jones 4 as George Lucas rejected the script back in April. But the movie is suppose to have Indy's father in....so....I forgot where I was going with this...

Any one else hear about this rumor?

What are your thoughts on it?

And whatever other comments you have...leave 'em here..

Thanks! :)
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[23 Oct 2004|05:08pm]

Okay guys. Did some promoting today! communitypromo, comm_unity, communitywhore, community_promo, thecommunity, ljcommunity, promo_community, promote, 0promotewhore0, _1promote1_, _commpromo, _lj_promo_, _promotion_, and ljpromotion. Tried ljcommunities but it's being a farthead.

Okay, on to more exciting things!

Now, rumors have been spreading around, as rumors always do. Although I haven't heard anything at all from Sean's people even mentioning the idea, "some people" are thinking of Sean Connery to do the voice of Aslan in the upcoming The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe movie by Walden Media, and that he himself wants to voice for Aslan badly.

What are your guys' ideas on this? Who else would you like as the voice of Aslan, if there are any Narnian fans in the comm?
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[22 Oct 2004|11:13am]

I'm new to the community, but I just wanted to thank you for starting it up! I'm definitely a big fan of Mr. Connery. and of course all things Scottish.

Hope to see lots of activity here. :)
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Quote [22 Oct 2004|08:18am]

[ mood | multipling myself ]

does anyone have a favorite quote????

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[21 Oct 2004|07:54pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello! Just saw a link to you guys on my friend's LJ, and well, I love Mr. Connery, so here I am.

Just curious, I saw a movie of his, a really really old one, maybe one of his first, where he falls in love with this priest's daughter, or something, and he sings to her...
"you are my dear my darling one..."

I don't remember.
anyone know what I'm talking about?

P.S. anyone else from the U.S.? Or are you all Scots?

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[22 Oct 2004|03:11pm]

*kergasp* I've been promoting the comm most of this afternoon. x-posted in agent007, bondfans, fangirl_heaven, great_scots, lusty_uk, malecelebrities, shagthebritish, tabernaclexcore. That doesn't look like much but it took quite a while!

Okay, on with the Sean~ness!

A little NEWS on ze man and him pulling out of Josiah's Canon to work on his autobiography.

Sean moment of the day:

The penis is evil.

*teehee* I love my dvd-rom!! *too much fun*
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[19 Oct 2004|12:01pm]

Well I'm new here. And I really don't have much in the way of pictures.

My favorite Sean Connery movie of the day is:

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

I squeeled the first time I watched this movie and saw Mr. Connery in his yummy goodness. It was a funny movie Harrison Ford and him seemed to work well together and well...two hotties are better than one. I can honestly say it is my favorite Indiana Jones film and most likely because of all that Mr. Connery brought to his role and the movie. Correct me if I'm wrong.

And that's my pretty pathetic post for today. Sorry it's not much but yeah...
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[19 Oct 2004|10:29am]

[ mood | bouncy ]


I'm glad this community was started. I don't have any news or pictures to post about sean but i just want to say that the layout of the community is very nice. The pics are just beautiful! :D

I hope a lot of members join because i had a community for harrison ford and i only had two or three people. That is sad. Keep up the good work!

Chelsey :D

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Welcome~! [18 Oct 2004|07:33pm]

I am the community maintainer/moderator chibsi!

Before posting please read the community rules, get yourself informed on what we're about and then have oodles of fun! Wheee!

Here's my first contribution:

Sean Connery from his lovely body building days. He was a Mr Universe top 3 finalist, you know!
Well...in the tall men category, anyway. Whee!
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