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Sean in Indy 4?

Has anyone heard of a confirmation of Sean being in the Indy 4 movie? I know it is rumored that he will be appearing in there but that's all i've heard.

Chelsey :D
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Nope, I haven't heard any confirmations. The only thing I know he's doing since he dropped the autobiography is voicetracks for a video game version of From Russia With Love I think.

I mean, honestly, has anyone heard any confirmations about that movie at all? I know Lucas rejected Frank Darabont's script back in 2004, that's pretty much all I know. I know that Speilberg is interested in directing and Ford said that he'd love to see Sean back in the role of Henry. *shrug* I've heard absolutely nothing from Sean's spokespersons or anything ; ;

But it'd be pretty cool to see him in that hat and bow tie one more time :)