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seanconnerites's Journal

Sean Connery Community
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The Original Sean Connery Source

This is a community regarding pretty much anything Sean Connery. Due to the lack of Sean Connery communities on livejournal, I took initiative to make my own and hopefully gather us Connerites together.

You can post about your favorite Sean Connery role, movie moment, personal experience, whatever you like! Photos and icons are more than welcome! (post as many as you like, but see the rules below~!)

Community Rules:

No assholes. Be respectful. No flaming, no anti-Sean Connery ranting, no bullshit that would make me have to get up and beat you senseless with my chibi pimpin cane! Grrrr.

• Posts must be on topic; this is a Sean Connery community, not a rant/self-promotional/whatever community. You're more than welcome to promote your own comm but it must be alongside a Sean Connery related post.

• Off topic posts will politely be asked to meet this qualification. If it is not met, the post will be deleted.

• Images larger than 300px in width please put behind an lj-cut or resize. (I know this can be a pain but I want to keep the community neat and tidy! <3 )

• Feel free to post as many pictures as you like, but anything over 3 please put behind an lj-cut.

Link us!

Community is maintained by chibsi. Any issues regarding members, posts, etc, please contact me.

Special thanks to psychopompos for the graphics and miss m for the brushes used on teh bg!